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We provide Investment Banking Services to facilitate deals that maximize value. Our experienced advisory team of professionals brings practical, real-world experience spanning a broad range of industries. We work closely with our clients, from the beginning of a serious business deal or objective to its successful completion. Whether expanding through a merger, raising capital through debt and equity financing, or going public, NLE provides professional background work, risk and value determination, facilitation, and evaluation of strategy.

From project appraisal to valuation – we provide sought after advice and outsourced study and audit, allowing businesses to focus on their core function. A corporation’s task could be as simple as preparing a business proposal or as intricate as restructuring a complete organization – our business acumen and professional wisdom are there to take it on.

1. Mergers and Acquisitions (M&As) Expanding through a strategic merger or acquisition can be an excellent way to diversify and grow an enterprise. We assess potential risks, determine appropriate value, structure deals, and successfully negotiate M&As.

2. Debt & Equity Financing We provide alternative ways of raising permanent or long-term capital. Whether financing an acquisition or management buyout or pursuing a larger credit facility, we evaluate and select the optimum financing strategy for you, providing you low cost of capital and mitigating risks to your company. Through our extensive network of senior lenders and private equity funds, we help you find the right partner.

3. Listing of Companies We act as listing agents for enterprises anticipating to be listed on the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE). The guidance we provide prior to an IPO extends to feasibility studies and background related work. We liaise with all relevant parties to facilitate your compliance with the rules and regulations set by the CSE and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

4. Project appraisals and development We conduct comprehensive studies to assess the economic viability of a proposed business model or of a project. We establish a set of forecasts for you, including financial and operational feasibility, and analyze the risks associated, in order to provide an actionable recommendation.

5. Valuations We have extensive experience in valuing businesses based on both financial and non-financial business models. We advise clients and derive fair value for businesses in operation and in the pipeline. Comprehensive financial models are specifically built for the company or project; these form a key input for our strategists to provide clear, realistic future expectations based on.

6. Wealth/Portfolio Management Our investment banking team consists of well-qualified and experienced professionals that manage the portfolios of clients in order to maximize returns and protect invested capital.

7. Due Diligence We undertake comprehensive due diligence studies on companies at the request of our clients. We conduct a detailed audit of the financial position and performance of the company in focus. We investigate the subject’s financial condition, fraud, stakeholder disputes, and claims and offer you our professional legal and financial perspective advice.

8. Strategic Planning and Restructuring We provide first-class strategic advice to develop our clients’ long term strategic plans, enhancing operational performance. Further, we provide and flesh out restructuring plans and streamline your existing business operations to maximize profitability.

9. Co-Placement Agents, We act as co-placement agents to both public and private placements. We are capable of successfully implementing placements on the back of strategic alliances made with foreign Fund/Wealth Management Companies, world-renowned research/media firms, and other Local & Foreign High Net Worth clientele.

10. Business Proposals/ Information Memorandums In order to facilitate a smooth deal flow on behalf of our clients, we prepare business proposals with detailed financial and non-financial analysis. Our business proposals are comprehensive, addressing the specific requirements of clients to effectively pitch a new venture/ proposal/ project to a potential target.

11. Securitization Our professionals undertake securitizations to raise additional capital requirements. With the capacity to conduct both front and back end work, our services extend to conducting initial feasibility studies, development of the financial model, preparing the IM, liaise with lawyers, auditors and rating agencies.

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